Getting started

Signing up for Zette is easy! All you have to do is go to the sign up page and follow the instructions. There are a few extra steps than normal since we aren't in the chrome store, but once you've added the extension to your extension manager and signed in the extension should work automatically.

Our product is still in a private alpha, but once we launch the production product, we will definitely be in the Google Chrome store so that everyone can easily download and use Zette.
How Zette works

Zette is a media tech company that changes the way people consume news. Our first product is a chrome extension that bypasses the paywall to newspaper articles while also supporting the publication. Our goal is to make news articles as affordable and common price as it was in old Italy.

Our company name, Zette is abbreviated from the word "gazette" and derived from the Italian origin "gazeta de la novita", meaning "a half-pennyworth of news".

Zette allows you to read premium content from multiple publishers so you aren't tied to one single news source.

1 credit is equal to 1 article unlock. This may change moving forward, but for now we decided to keep it simple.

Yes, you can access the articles you have already unlocked in your reading history and you won't spend another credit.

They should remain there forever. If they don't let us know and we will dig into the issue.

We hope to add to our list of publisher partners as we grow. Currently we are in negotiations with a number of top publishers and hope to share more soon.

Your credits do not expire at the moment. This may change in the future, but for now you should have them until you run out.

Zette credits work primarily on our whitelisted publishers websites.

Zette was designed for chrome, but does work on various other browsers like Edge. It's best used on Chrome, but if it works on other browsers you prefer—go for it!
Getting started

The extension manager flags any extension that isn't in the chrome store even if it's your own. Because we aren't in the chrome store yet when you close the chrome browser Zette gets flagged. To continue using Zette you will need to remove the extension, re-download the .crx file, and drag it back into your extension manager browser. If you need a refresher on these steps you can find them here.

If you burn through all of your credits please reach out to us at

Reach out to us via email at detailing what you need changed.

Reach out to us via email at letting us know why you want to leave.

Reach out to us via email at detailing the bug you found. Thanks in advance!

Reach out to us via email at detailing the issues you are having with your account.
Terms of service and privacy
Contact Us
    Please email us using the contact information below if you:
  • Need to report an issue or bug with the extension
  • Want to give us feedback on how we can do better
  • Cancel your account for any reason.
  • Need something else? Send us a message.